Sunday, May 12, 2013

Red All The Time

Happy Mothers Day! Unfortunately I didn't get to see my mom today because we are going through some stuff. But I did call her to say Happy Mothers Day:) Roo and I just decided to get dressed, go out, and stuff our faces! Hope you guys had a good day! 

Dress - Antique shop / Hair Scarf - D.I.Y
I've been so obsessed with this vintage square dance dress. If you follow me on Instagram (@Rosariummm) I'm sure you know all about it!

<3 Look at this hunk! <3

Ps. I noticed there's alot of red on my blog and in my outfits. I guess it's my new favorite color! Sorry:/


  1. you are so cute!!! glad you had a nice day! <3

  2. what a bunch of cuties you two are!!


  3. This is adorable, and I must say that I really love your hair :)
    Have a nice day, kisses :*

  4. wow, this dress is so adorable. i would wear it right away!

  5. Oh la la, your hair is so good, beautiful!
    I m glad that I dicovered you blog, love it. I m following u ;)

  6. you are seriously just the cutest thing ever. totally in love with your blog, dear.
    xx rae