Sunday, May 26, 2013

Velvet Rosa

This weekend has been super hectic! We've been moving all our stuff to the new condo. But today we wanted to take a brake so we went to my Mother-in-law's to relax and she made us burgers! She has this really cool old empty pool in the backyard so I thought why not take some photos:) I think she should totally fill that baby up, it would be perfect for this hot crappy Vegas Weather!

So I was thinking once we're settled in to our new place I can do a little apartment tour. Let me know if you guys would even be interested in seeing that type of stuff:D I know I love to see what peoples homes look like on the inside, I'm creepy:)

Dress - Vintage / Tights - Target / Shoes - Dr. Martens / Purse - Yard Sale


  1. that dressssssss. it's amazing and I love your hair as well


  2. woah the print on that dress is awesome <3 and I adore the heart purse

  3. I really like the print on the dress! You have some amazing vintage finds in your wardrobe, I'm kinda jelly. ;)