Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Juicy fruit

Dress - Vintage diy / Belt - asos / Shoes - H&M / Bag - Vintage diy

Hey guys! I'm Pretty excited about this dress I've been on the look out for a cute gingham fruit print dress but I'm just too broke to buy one new so I took a trip to the thrift store with $10 in my pocket and found this old lady house dress for $4 and made it my D.I.Y project! it was originally long and frumpy but I wanted more of a fit and flare look and I'm pretty happy how it turned out:) If you want to take a look at the before picture follow me on instagram (@Rosariummm)!

Lame pose showing my avocado bag, I get lots of questions about it. It's a vintage 60s train case I found in a estate sale for $1 and I painted it to look like an avocado. I'm thinking of painting the other side like a strawberry:) gosh I'm weird!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Red Gingham

Once again the wig is back! I just really want cute short hair! Anyways I've posted this outfit before on my Instagram (follow me @rosariummm) and I wanted to do a post for it but my lighting sucked at the time. I really love anything gingham print since I was a little girl, it just reminds me of picnics and summer! I haven't really been able to wear this out yet since the skirt is pretty short and it shows my bum in the back but I'm thinking about making some matching bike shorts to wear underneath so I can finally wear this sweet outfit!

Ps. Sorry I had the TV on for background noise!:/

Lip color - Stila liquid lipstick in color fiore 07

Top - Etsy / Skirt - thrift store / Shoes and bag - H&M / Plugs - handmade / Wig - Ebay

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Animated Cartoon Mani

Just a very sloppy mani:) I've been very bored with my nails lately and thought I'd give the cartoon nails a try. I definitely need more practice!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Vibes

So Lately I've been pretty broke and haven't really been able to go out and buy summer clothing. kind of the reason why I haven't posted lately since my closet is full of heavy winter clothes. So anyways I was feeling pretty crafty the other day and remembered I had these cute pants I thrifted for $1 and thought they would look way better as shorts, so duh I cut them up! Then I got pretty bored after that so I thought, Hmm what can I make with the extra fabric and at first I was thinking a basic bandeau top! But then I totally went crazy and did this awesome cut out ruffle top:) I really have no idea How I made it or even had enough fabric for it but it all worked out and I'm super happy with it! Also Yay now I have a cute summer outfit That only cost $1!:D

 Top - Handmade / Shorts - Thrifted / Bag - H&M / Shoes - GoJane.com / Buttons - Etsy

Also I know what you're thinking did I get a hair cut and dye my hair?! Nope It's a wig! I purchased it a while ago on Ebay. I was just too lazy to do my hair.