Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Vibes

So Lately I've been pretty broke and haven't really been able to go out and buy summer clothing. kind of the reason why I haven't posted lately since my closet is full of heavy winter clothes. So anyways I was feeling pretty crafty the other day and remembered I had these cute pants I thrifted for $1 and thought they would look way better as shorts, so duh I cut them up! Then I got pretty bored after that so I thought, Hmm what can I make with the extra fabric and at first I was thinking a basic bandeau top! But then I totally went crazy and did this awesome cut out ruffle top:) I really have no idea How I made it or even had enough fabric for it but it all worked out and I'm super happy with it! Also Yay now I have a cute summer outfit That only cost $1!:D

 Top - Handmade / Shorts - Thrifted / Bag - H&M / Shoes - / Buttons - Etsy

Also I know what you're thinking did I get a hair cut and dye my hair?! Nope It's a wig! I purchased it a while ago on Ebay. I was just too lazy to do my hair.


  1. What What a gorgeous Outfit! And you are sooo pretty *-*

  2. such a babe <3 that top is awesome! cant believe it's homemade ^_~

  3. Wow! I'm so inspired by your outfit posts, this one especially! I'm so amazed by your alterations ♡_♡