Monday, December 8, 2014

Xmas Wishlist

♡Here's some stuff I've been dying over!♡

                       3.River island bag                              
4.Crescent choker

Ps. Doesn't Natalie look AMAZING in her Chubby Chartwheels dress!!! Check out her instagram @nataliemeansnice ♡

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hey Guys! Buy My Handmade Clothing

Just wanted to give you guys a little update! I've started selling some of my handmade plus size clothing in my etsy shop! Right now I'm only making size 16/18 since that's my size and I've only ever made clothing for myself, but my goal is to learn how to make more sizes and maybe even do custom sizing! So please keep a look out:) Here are some of the things I'll have in my shop. I'm also working on some new designs so stay tune for that too! 

My Clueless Inspired set (I'll be making more of these!)

One of a kind Halloween set made with vintage fabric

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Inkys Birthday!

Today Is Inkys (Inky is short for Slinky) birthday! He is 5 now! Inky is so important to me as are my other cats, but when we first adopted him I was going through some rough times from the loss of my previous cat Mimi to getting kicked out of my moms house. I needed a companion someone to make me feel safe when my anxiety kicked in. So we adopted Inky! I know its a bit silly to say but I love him so much he has always been there for me and  always seems to put a smile on my face when i'm feeling sad.
So of course today we wanted to celebrate him! Roo Made him the cutest Birthday hat and we treated him to some yummy tuna! Here are some silly pictures we took!

Moo, Inky, and Butters!

Some baby inky pics!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Clueless chick

So I'm been dying for a clueless inspired outfit! I've seen a few shops that sell them, unfortunately they don't come in plus size. My mom had this vintage skirt suit set from the 80s she gave me, originally thinking to put it up on my Etsy shop but I thought maybe I could doing something with it instead! I totally forgot to take a before picture but I found a similar one on Ebay here. The skirt was maxi skirt in a size 14 that didn't fit me at all, so I cut it short and used the remaining fabric to add an extra panel to the side so it could fit to my size. For the jacket I took the huge shoulder pads out, cut the sleeves/bodice in half, hemmed, and added a new button/button hole! This was probably one of the hardest transformations I've done yet! But It was totally worth it! Hope you guys like it! 

Ps. Please excuse my silly poses! Hah!

Skirt/Jacket/Top - Handmade Diy / Socks - Target / Shoes - Thrifted
Bag - H&M / Choker - The Pulp Girls / Stickers and Button - The Pulp Girls

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's been a while

Hey everyone it's been a while since I posted! I've been having a bit of a nervous break down, but I'm getting better now. We also moved! So I don't really have my room set up for photos yet, I still have so much to unpack ahh. Anyways I've been a lot more active on my Tumblr and Instagram (@Rosariummm) accounts if you would like to check them out:) Here's some outfits I've been wearing lately, oh and my new hair!

Top - Diy / Skirt - Thrifted Target / Choker - Diy
Here's a 90s style halter crop top I made out of an on long sleeve shirt:) 
I used this tutorial!

New hair!

Top and skirt - H&M
ps. the skirt is to short:,(
Shirt - Bigcartel / Shorts - Thrifted

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fatkini Time! Mini Review

It's almost Summer time! I cant wait even though it already feels like Summer here in Vegas, but mostly I'm excited to visit Cali and enjoy the beach soon. As of right now I'll just be wearing this suit around the house. 
I was so happy when I saw that Forever 21 Plus had this bikini. I'm like mega obsessed with fruit print so I had to get it, I even sold my other fatkini to get this one! 
I bought this one in a size 2x I usually wear a size 1x (16-18) but their swimsuits run small. I originally I bought a size 3x for my leopard print suit seen here because I didn't want the suit to fit me too tight so I can feel more comfortable wearing it and not have to worry about it cutting off my circulation from my thighs, also I wanted it to be more high waisted than usual. The 3x fit fine as you can see from the photo, but it was just a tad bit too big on my boobs (my boobs are quite small I’m a size 40C) and the bum area fit a bit saggy. The fit was great everywhere else which was a bummer but If you have a bigger bum the 3x might be a good fit (it really sucks you can't mix sizes for the printed swimwuits!). So I decided on a size 2x for the fruit bikini. The top and bottoms fit perfectly just a little tighter on my thighs but I don't mind that much:) 
I love that it comes with adjustable/removable straps for extra support or you can wear it strapless for an even tan:) The only annoying thing about this suit is that the padding on the top is not sewn in, its kind of just floating in there so it tends to shift around when wearing it so i'm not too sure how it will hold up in water. I might just have to hand sew it in place to the lining. Overall I'm in love with this swimwuit! Thanks forever 21 plus for making cute affordable swimsuits Ahh!:D

Ps. Sorry for the horrible review!

This cover up is actually a vintage nightie!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fruity Thrift Store Crop Top D.I.Y

Top - Diy / Short and Shoes - Thrifted / Bag - H&M / Glasses - Venice

So I came across this pajama top at the thrift store. I had to buy it because of the print! I'm obsessed with anything fruit print! I don't have a lot of spring and summer tops so I've been on a diy crop top kick! All I did was make a pattern out of an old crop top that fits well, I traced around it onto some news papers, made sure to leave some seam allowance and cut! I took some pictures of the process in case anyone wanted to give it a try:) let me know if you have any questions! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crop Tops and Circle Skirts

Top  and skirt - Handmade / Tights - Kix'ies / Shoes - Amazon / Rings - Forever 21 / Brooch - DonutQueenVintage Etsy Shop / Jacket - H&M
I don't know about you but you can never go wrong with crop tops and circle skirts! I wore this to go out with a friend, she invited me to go see Zombie Burlesque! It was so funny but our seats sucked and the people in front of us were tall so we couldn't see much, it was still lots of fun and they gave everyone free jello shots! I Made this 2 piece because I really needed a plaid circle skirt to wear with my old band T's and the top to wear with some vintage high waisted jean shorts, but they look great together too! This is my new favorite outfit, it's just so comfy probably because I made it out of old flannel bed sheets:)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Hair New Outfit

Crop top and skirt - D.I.Y / Headband - D.I.Y / Shoes - GoJane

So these past few weeks I was dealing with some depression. I really wasn't feeling myself and was kind of getting bored of my appearance/clothing.
Well I found this vintage Batman fabric (ok I kind of stole it from my Boyfriend hehe) and made myself a whole new outfit! The fabric is pretty thin so I'm waiting till summer to rock this bad boy! I'm super excited about it so of course I had to share! This is my first time trying to sew this type of collar, I really wanted it to resemble bat wings (I think it turned out well) I love it so much! Then I dyed my hair. Yay for finding old hair dye in the cupboards.:)