Thursday, February 27, 2014

Crop Tops and Circle Skirts

Top  and skirt - Handmade / Tights - Kix'ies / Shoes - Amazon / Rings - Forever 21 / Brooch - DonutQueenVintage Etsy Shop / Jacket - H&M
I don't know about you but you can never go wrong with crop tops and circle skirts! I wore this to go out with a friend, she invited me to go see Zombie Burlesque! It was so funny but our seats sucked and the people in front of us were tall so we couldn't see much, it was still lots of fun and they gave everyone free jello shots! I Made this 2 piece because I really needed a plaid circle skirt to wear with my old band T's and the top to wear with some vintage high waisted jean shorts, but they look great together too! This is my new favorite outfit, it's just so comfy probably because I made it out of old flannel bed sheets:)


  1. this is seriously amazing! you should sell these! I want!! :)

  2. this outfit is insanely well put together- simple but stylish
    the circle skirt also goes well with your gorgeous hair <3

  3. whoa tartan prints!!>< i really love it<33
    Crop top really cool>< i really love it<33

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  4. Absolutely loving this and wishing I had your talent!

    - Victoria

  5. so adorable!!! do you think you could ever post the pattern for the set, or even do a DIY? :o

  6. Any helpful tips or advice for learning to make plus size clothing with the lack of patterns out there?