Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fatkini Time! Mini Review

It's almost Summer time! I cant wait even though it already feels like Summer here in Vegas, but mostly I'm excited to visit Cali and enjoy the beach soon. As of right now I'll just be wearing this suit around the house. 
I was so happy when I saw that Forever 21 Plus had this bikini. I'm like mega obsessed with fruit print so I had to get it, I even sold my other fatkini to get this one! 
I bought this one in a size 2x I usually wear a size 1x (16-18) but their swimsuits run small. I originally I bought a size 3x for my leopard print suit seen here because I didn't want the suit to fit me too tight so I can feel more comfortable wearing it and not have to worry about it cutting off my circulation from my thighs, also I wanted it to be more high waisted than usual. The 3x fit fine as you can see from the photo, but it was just a tad bit too big on my boobs (my boobs are quite small I’m a size 40C) and the bum area fit a bit saggy. The fit was great everywhere else which was a bummer but If you have a bigger bum the 3x might be a good fit (it really sucks you can't mix sizes for the printed swimwuits!). So I decided on a size 2x for the fruit bikini. The top and bottoms fit perfectly just a little tighter on my thighs but I don't mind that much:) 
I love that it comes with adjustable/removable straps for extra support or you can wear it strapless for an even tan:) The only annoying thing about this suit is that the padding on the top is not sewn in, its kind of just floating in there so it tends to shift around when wearing it so i'm not too sure how it will hold up in water. I might just have to hand sew it in place to the lining. Overall I'm in love with this swimwuit! Thanks forever 21 plus for making cute affordable swimsuits Ahh!:D

Ps. Sorry for the horrible review!

This cover up is actually a vintage nightie!


  1. So gorgeous! I love the print sooo much!!

    Padding should be sewn in.. so annoying when it moves and folds inside.

  2. It looks great on you. I tried this one on for sizing because I was planning on ordering the pineapple print of the same style and it was not good on me. The top smushed the girls into a uni-boob situation. Too bad 'cause the suit is great quality for a nice price.

  3. You always look so great. I just adore this pattern. Anything with fruits really!

  4. Hi I sent you an email idk if you got it but it was basically about me interviewing you. I would love to ask you some questions, f you're up to it. Let me know. Xoxo

  5. OMGGGG that flowery bikini looks so cool:3
    I want to buy it but don't have any confidence to wear it haha-_-

    Visit my blog! Pちゃんのぼうけん!

  6. that's so cute :D I would love to have one for me

  7. Ah the frills on this are so cute! And that print looks gorgeous on you <3

    The Quirky Queer

  8. Oh I love the prints <3
    Looks good on you too