Thursday, July 17, 2014

Clueless chick

So I'm been dying for a clueless inspired outfit! I've seen a few shops that sell them, unfortunately they don't come in plus size. My mom had this vintage skirt suit set from the 80s she gave me, originally thinking to put it up on my Etsy shop but I thought maybe I could doing something with it instead! I totally forgot to take a before picture but I found a similar one on Ebay here. The skirt was maxi skirt in a size 14 that didn't fit me at all, so I cut it short and used the remaining fabric to add an extra panel to the side so it could fit to my size. For the jacket I took the huge shoulder pads out, cut the sleeves/bodice in half, hemmed, and added a new button/button hole! This was probably one of the hardest transformations I've done yet! But It was totally worth it! Hope you guys like it! 

Ps. Please excuse my silly poses! Hah!

Skirt/Jacket/Top - Handmade Diy / Socks - Target / Shoes - Thrifted
Bag - H&M / Choker - The Pulp Girls / Stickers and Button - The Pulp Girls