Sunday, January 11, 2015

Altering a Pleated skirt Tutorial

Hey guys! So I'm always getting questions about where I get my pleated skirts and of course I get them from my local thrift shops! But I know how hard it is to find tennis skirts or school girl skirts in plus size, especially with shorter hems! So I wanted to make this tutorial to show you guys what I do to get the perfect pleated skirt for super cheap!
Ok! so first I go to my local thrift shops go through their skirt section and look for pleated maxi skirts (In my experience it's a lot easier to find pleated maxi skirts in plus size) I found This one for $5 in a size 18! 

Here's what you'll need
1. A maxi skirt
2. Scissors 
3. Chalk
4. Thread
5. Iron
6. Sewing Machine

 Step 1. Find your favorite length skirt in your closet place it on top of your maxi skirt lining up both waistbands together.

Step 2. Make a mark on the maxi skirt where your favorite skirt ends with chalk.

Now that you made your mark, you want to make another mark about 1.5" inches under your first mark.

Step 3. Now you spread out the pleats making sure everything is flat.

Once everything is flat your going to measure from your second mark down to the hem of the skirt, my measurement was 11.5" inches (This measurement will be different with every maxi skirt). Now your going to mark a dotted line all across the front of your skirt with the measurement you got.

Once your done with your dotted line connect the lines together.

Step 4. Now that you got your line done. make sure your front and back pleats are flattened out again. Also you want to make sure the bottom front and back hem are lined up together perfectly, this is important because when you start cutting this will make sure you cut a straight line underneath as well 

Start cutting making sure everything is lined up and flat as you go!

when you're done cutting it should look something like this! at this point you want to try it on to determine how big you want your hem to be before you sew it. 

Step 5. Once you determine how big you want your hem flip your skirt inside out and get your iron ready to press it in. I was originally planning for my hem to be 1" inch wide but the skirt would've been a little too short for me, so I decided on doing a half an inch instead. fold it once all around and press it in with your iron.

Now fold it over one more time, press it in with the iron, and pin in place all around.

Here's a tip: When your pinning your hem and your skirt has a plaid pattern make sure you match up the lines and pin in place (like the photo below), this makes sure when your done sewing, your pleats will lay flat and not flare out!

All pinned and ready to sew! 

Step 6. Now sew your hem in place!

Here's what my skirt looked like when I was done sewing the hem in place. A little wiggly and flared out right? 

Now Just iron your pleats down and your all DONE!! YAY!

I Love it!

Hope this tutorial was helpful and understandable! If you have any questions at all don't be afraid to ask me in the comments!!