Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mini Haul

Hey guys! So I went on a little shopping trip to forever 21 with my momma because they where having a sale which I think is still going on online and in stores at the moment. I also did a little bit of online shopping as well. We had so much of fun! We don't go out shopping much since I prefer to shop online, but we decided it would be better to just go in person and try things on. I love seeing my mom get excited when she's finds cute things for her self!

Here's what I wore!
Top - H&M / Skirt - Vintage / Shoes - H&M / Fringe Backpack - Forever 21 /
Necklaces - H&M and Forever 21
Phone case - H&M 

Here's is what bought! I tried not to go too crazy so I stuck to things I really needed. I don't have a lot of basics in my closet, since a lot of my stuff is Thrifted or handmade most of my pieces are pretty loud or require a lot of effort to come up with outfits, so I was looking for pieces that were easy to pair with simple skirts or shorts for when I just want to be lazy and comfy but still look cute!

This jacket omg! It's was one of the first pieces I picked up its everything I've been looking for in a biker jacket lately! I really wanted a big kinda oversized faux leather jacket for a while now and I'm so happy I found this one I got it in a size 2X but I kind of wish they had it in a 3X because I just wanted it to fit really oversized! But the 2x is a good and still pretty oversized (Phew that's a lot of "oversized" lol) it needs side pockets though. The best part is that it only cost me $30 that's crazy and quality is so good:)  

Then I picked up these two basic sleeveless tops for summer because it's way too hot here, I feel like Vegas just likes to skip spring and go right to summer!

Here's what I purchased online. I came across this lash company on Instagram and their lashes are too pretty I had to try a pair I'm super happy with them and they're great quality and they have amazing costumer service! They replied to all my questions super quick and were nice enough to give me a free shipping coupon code for my next purchase! These babies were only $3.99! Then I got this awesome rose gold septum ring for my nose and since I was getting pretty bored of my old one I just wanted to try something new! Can't wait to wear it!

I hope you guys enjoy these kind of post let me know if you would like to see more, I know I love see peoples hauls! Also let me know if you would like to see how I style these pieces:)

Ps. sorry for the bad quality photos I took these with my phone real quick hehe

Friday, April 3, 2015

That Purp

Hey guys here's a little ootd! I recently dyed my hair pink but it totally came out purple which I don't mind at all because I'm really liking it! This dress Is so soft and comfortable I almost wish I had a concert to go to, I feel like this is the perfect outfit for an outdoor festival! Anyways I made this dress the other day out of some fabric I found at the thrift store and I really Love the cut and style of the dress I want one in every color! I was thinking about buying similar fabric and making a few for my shop, what do you think?

Dress - Handmade / Backpack - Forever 21 / Shoes - Gift